Snittjer Grain is capable of storing, drying, and transporting your grain.  We also have contracts available for pricing your grain which are listed below.  Please contact J.R. Kennedy or Pat Kennedy.

  • You can sell to us based of the futures and our basis either leave us and offer and we will wait for it to get in that range or you can sell to us at the current price.
  • Seller can sell us a certain quanty of bushel to be delivered in the month discused at the current bassis price to be priced out from the board and either a determined time or when the seller decides they want to turn it to a cash sale.
Hedge to Arrive 
  • Seller can sell a establised amount of bushels (5000 bu. per contract typically) to us based of the futures for new crop and  for the basis to be determined later. 

Minimum Price contract

Offer contract:

  • Leave us a cash price or hedge to arrive strike price and we will keep an eye on it for you. 

Grain Contacts
J.R. Kennedy641-869-3755jr@snittjer.com
Pat Kennedy641-869-3755 


Harvest Policies

2018 Harvest Policy